Vitamin C for Homemade Skincare

Vitamin C , also known as an ascorbic acid, has a very important role in the skin health and beauty maintenance.

Many facial creams contain that vitamin, but they also contain preservatives which can harm your body in a long run. That’s why it is the best for you to use organic home made facials – your skin also will look more healthy and the effect will be stronger.

What is the ascorbic Acid? How does it benefit my skin?

It helps to upkeep and rebuild the new skin cells because of its ability do develop and maintain the blood vessels.

The process helps skin to heal itself, as an antioxidant it neutrelizes free radicals, which makes it an excellent anti aging weapon.
Usually, the UV rays and extreme weather might weaken your skin. The ascorbic acid helps to revert these damages, as previous studies have shown.
In the bottom line – using this vitamin the skin becomes more firm and strong.

Lack of Ascorbic Acid May Cause –

Dry skin, easy bruising, a weaker skin - among other body phenomenon as nose bleeding and anemia. If you don't eat too much of it, your metabolism also might slow down and you might gain some weight.

How Much of Ascorbic Acid do we need?

There is no exact answer on that in the UK standards it is 40 milligrams a day, while in the US – 60 to 95 mg a day for an adult.

Where Can You Find the Ascorbic Acid?

Many fruits and vegetables contain this acid, but the most of it you will obtain through a blackcurrant, guava, lychee or a grapefruit.
The full chart is found in here .

What is The Best Way to Absorb the Vitamin?

You should add the ascorbic acid to your daily diet in the form of food, rather than tablets.
Adding the vitamin ingredients to your home made facial mask will benefit your skin whenever your skin is oily, dry, ageing or combined – because its excellent healing abilities, even at much lower dosages!

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