vegatable facials - a fresh idea for your skin

Vegetable facials are not common, but using them will boost your skin with vitamins. When the homemade skin care is easy to make - all you need is 10 to 15 minutes!

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What is so special about vegetables in skin care?

Many vegetables contain high percentages of important vitamins. The smartest way to pick up the right ingredients is to choose them by the highest percentage of vitamin needed:

The vegetables which are highest in vitamin A are carrots, butternut squash, parsley and sweet peppers.

This is a very important anti aging vitamin, which becomes veyr important in today's stressful environment. This vitamin is great for anti aging and acne both - read more about it here.

The vegetables with highest in vitamin C are sweet red peppers (our winner for today!), tomato and radish. this vitamin is great for the cell turnover - many cleansers include this vitamin.

Fresh vegetables and vegetable juices are great cleansers. But if you wish to make a homemade moisturizer - add some oily ingredients to the mask or use cooked vegetables in the mask recipe.

Remember: Even using just one vegetable ingredient will make your skin happy, so you doné have to make a complex mask to perk you skin up!

Radish Mask Recipes

The radish is known for his strong impact on our health. Eating the vegetable on a daily basis can improve the whole body system: it benefits the liver, skin, respiratory system and so forth.

For more benefits of the radish visit here .
This ingredient added to your vegetable facials can do wonders to dry skin: just applying the pure radish juice at your face will smooth its surface and add vitamins to its structure. 

Here are some of the radish mask recipes:

Radish mask for dry skin:

Add to radish juice (or grated vegetable – if you don’t have a juicer) egg yolk, organic yogurt and grated cucumber. Apply the facial mask for 15 minutes, then wash.
Use this mask once a week, because egg yolk contains oil that should be used moderately in your facials.

Daily Radish and Lettuce Mask

Apply a radish juice to your face for 15 minutes, then wash with moderate temperature water.
If you don’t have a juicer – add to a grated lettuce and radish some water, stir and apply on your face for 15 minutes. For an oily skin - add more water.
This mask is good for everyday use to moisturize your skin and give it strength and elasticity.

Radish and Carrot Mask for Oily skin

1 spoon of radish juice
1 spoon of carrot juice
1 Egg white
1 tbsp of wheat flour

how to Use:
Stir the ingredients, 15 minutes after the usage – wash with a moderate-heat water. Use this mask once a week, because the egg white dries the skin too extremely.

The egg white and the flour dry the sebaceous glands and clears the skin, the carrot juice nourishes the skin with vitamin A and the radish is rich with potassium.

The pumpkin is a great ingredient for all kind of facials. It is a low fat product – so you can use it on an oily skin, as much as on a wrinkled, dry or combined skin. It is one of the best ingredients in the vegetable facials. In addition, you can include in its mask recipes fruits, that will fit your skin type.

It has a huge dosage of vitamin A, it is rich with potassium and includes other vitamins and minerals that benefits your skin health.
It is also the best for you to combine the pumpkin in your diet, because not only it will benefit your skin, but also your metabolism.
For more information on this vegetable see this page.

Pumpkin Homemade Moisturizer

¼ a cup of pumpkin
2 tablespoons of celery

Cook the pumpkin and the celery for 10-15 minutes at the efficielnt amount of milk. Mash the ingredients and apply that dough for 2 minutes.

Mask Effects:
All the ingredients above, including the celery, have an anti aging effect on your skin. The mask gives your facial skin strength, elasticity and radiance.
For an extremely dry skin – add 1 spoon of wheal germ oil, which contains a large amount of vitamin E.
Use this mask once a week if you add the oil, use it twice a week if you don't.

Pumpkin Mask Recipe for Oily Skin

¼ a cup of fresh pumpkin, grated
2 tablespoons of low fat yogurt
1 spoon of lemon juice

How to use it:
Apply the stirred ingredients on your face for 15 minutes, then wash. Use this mask 2-3 times a week.

The lemon is an ultimate antiseptic: It clears the pores thoroughly and reduces the size of the pores. On top of that, it also whitens the freckles and fades brown age spots.

Another Whitening Pumpkin Mask

Ingredients to put in a juicer:

The How to:
Mix all the ingredients in the juicer. You can use a grater instead, to cut the vegetables very thinly. Apply this mask on a clear skin for 15 minutes, then wash.

The Effect:
The mask will add your skin vitamin A and provide it more softness. Plus, the parsley and the beetroot are excellent remedy for age spots and freckles.

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