Seaweed benefits in Homemade Facial Masks

If you wish to learn about the seaweed benefits and how to use it in the homemade facial mask - you are in the right place!

The seaweed as food and folk medicine has been used since the ancient times in the Far East, Scandinavia and the Islands in the Northern Europe.

Seaweed benefits for skin care are numerous: High percentage in mineral, proteins and vitamins makes it an essential ingredient for any person’s diet.
It contains all the minerals in large amounts, which the body (and the skin) needs to function. The minerals like calcium, zinc and iodine are essential for our body, including the skin barrier function.

The amino acids strengthen the internal structure of the skin in the dermis by maintaining its proper collagen structure.
The antioxidant vitamins A, C and vitamin E maintain you skin's elasticity and softness by protecting it from UV radiation, reverting its damages and balancing its metabolism.

Additionally, the seaweed contains vitamin B12, which is found in meat products. If you consume the seaweeds you will get this vitamin without eating meat. Great news for vegetarians, vegans and people, who simply don’t like to eat animal products!
You can eat from the sea vegetables as much as you want; they are low in fat and calories but high in above nutritional contents.

In the organic skincare products, the seaweed treatment is proven to benefit the ageing skin , reduce the inflammation on dry and itchy skin , and helps it to achieve an even skin tone. Its nutritional properties benefit any skin with dryness, irritation or sunlight pigmentation problems.
For the homemade facial masks - the seaweed contain neutral pH , so its masks will fit any skin type.

How to prepare a seaweed mask?

Usually, the organic seaweeds are sold dry. Therefore, to prepare the mask you have to soak them in cold water until the seaweeds are soft and “creamy”. Apply for 20 minutes, then wash. Avoid contacting the eyes. Right after the mask - use your regular moisturizer.

If you have a sensitive skin you should prepare the seaweed with green tea . If you skin is dry – add couple of drops of seed or olive oil for best effect. The seaweed mask can basically fit with any herbal mask, if you use the right one for your skin type.

Use the mask up to twice a week if you add the oily ingredients and up to three times a week if you use only the seaweed.

Which Results the Seaweed Mask can bring?

If you use this mask with essential oil, you skin will feel smooth immediately. It is excellent for anti aging skin treatment, because it makes the skin smoother, stronger and much elastic. Some of the facial mask users claim it to be even stronger than their usual serum!

One of the seaweed mask benefits is that you can use it without anything else in it: It clears the pores, exfoliates the skin and enhances its metabolism. Plus it still will have the anti wrinkle effect; even without the essential oil.

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