Oat Flake Mask Recipes

The oat flake mask is an excellent organic cleanser and a deep exfoliating ingredient. It removes the dead skin cells, nourish the epidermis from within and even adds nutrients to the dermis, i.e. the deeper level of your skin.

The oat is good for all types of skin; both for the oily and the dry. its nourishing abilities can even treat the problematic skin.

The skin exfoliation process should be done once a week, if you wish to maintain a stable skin pH and normal cell turnover. Too little of skin exfoliation will make the skin to look tired, while too much of it will expose your face to irritations.

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If you want the oat flake mask to have an extra effect for your skin type, it should include ingredients that will add up to the wanted effect: For the oily skin it is the best to add ingredients that will reduce the oily matter, like green apple juice and the egg white. For the dry one- add products that will moisture the skin like banana and avocado.

Eating oat flakes will benefit your skin, too, as long as you ad no sugar. Remember to avoid sugar at all, if you wish your skin to stay vibrant over time.

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Like any other facial masks (even those, which you buy at the store), you should test the oat flake mask recipes below on a hidden place whenever you have an allergy: hold it for 15 minutes, then wash.

That is an excellent way to get to know your skin; what works well on you and what doesn't.

Simple Oily Skin Mask Recipe


4 tbsp. of oat flakes,
1 sp. of lemon juice.

How to

Hold the oat flakes in boiled water with enough amount to create a dough (according to the instruction on the oat flakes package). After the mixture is cooled down add the lemon juice.

Apply the mask for 15 minutes, then wash with a room-temperature water. Afterwards, use your regular oily skin moisturizer, so it will balance your skin PH.
Use the mask (like any cleansing mask) up to twice a week.

Mask Benefits

As listed above, the oat flakes are an excellent cleanser and moisurizer. The lemon clears up the pores and make them smaller, in addition of reducing the skin pigmentation. If you have freckles or age spots you would probably notice that they are fading with every use.

Oat Flakes and Berries Mask


4 tbsp of oat-flakes
1 tbsp. of organic cranberries
1 tbsp. of organic strawberries

How to

Prepare the oat flakes as at the previous recipe. Add the mashed organic berries, when the oat flakes are cooled down completely.
Apply the mask for 15 minutes, then wash. Apply the oil skin moisturizer after the mask. Use it up to twice a week.

Mask Benefits

The masks clears up the pores, makes them less visible, so your skin will look more smooth and even. If you want to achieve the best effect -use organic ingredients.

The berries have lots of vitamin C and polyphenolic acids. Those nutrients will make your skin stronger and more resistant to free radicals, that cause most of your skin's ageing.

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