Moroccan Argan Oil

The Moroccan argan oil gains more and more popularity in many skin care products. Discover why!

The argan oil is produced from the argan tree fruits. It is called Moroccan because of his origin in North Africa. The argan is a quite rare and protected tree, because of its specific growing conditions.

In some cosmetics you will see the label “Moroccan Oil” or “Argania spinosa”. Whatever it says, be sure that the oil or the cream is a certified organic product, to give your skin the treatment it deserves.

Essential argan oil contains these skin care fundamentals: Vitamin E, carotenes, sterols, polyphenolic acids and fatty acids – like Omega 3 (Alpha Linoleic Acid ).

Carotenes are converted in human body to vitamin A action, which means that they are excellent for acne. They reduce the size and activity of sebaceous glands; the ones that produce the sebum.

The vitamin E is an antioxidant – fights the free radicals, that cause your skin’s aging, and preserves the skin moisture.

Another antioxidant which is worth mentioning – is polyphenolic acid. It is also found in this oil and found to be very effective against the free radicals and the photo aging.

If you use the argan oil on wider parts of your body- it can reduce the stretch marks, because of its nourishing and cell restoring effect.

Fatty acids help the absorption of vitamins and minerals in your skin and restores dry and flaky skin.

All the argan oil components help balancing your skin’s health, and preserve your natural beauty.

Argan Oil in Homemade Facial Masks

The argan essential oil is very strong; that’s why you should dilute it as much as you can, before putting it on your skin. Around 2% dilution is optimal, so your skin will still have the benefits of the oil.

You can include the oil in any mask, which should fit your skin type. A dry skin regimen is different from the oily skin regimen, but you can use the Moroccan oil in both cases.

For dry skin areas and wrinkles - you can add 2 drops of Moroccan argan oil to any mask and use it twice a week. You can even add one drop to your regular moisturizer – you should do so once a week.

For anti aging body treatment, you can add couple of drops to your body lotion. Use it three times a week if you have a dry and flaked skin. For best hydrating effect – add to your facial mask recipe a carrier oil like avocado and olive oil.

Does the argan oil have side effects?

It might. Each one of us can have an individual skin reaction to any material, so be sure to test it first on a small part of your skin – preferably on the back of your hand, where the skin is usually more sensitive.

Read the essential oil guide before preparing any facial mask, and as it was said before, dilute the oil as much as possible

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