Lavender Oil Benefits

Discover the lavender oil benefits: Why is it so good to your skin and how to use it in homemade facial masks?

The term “lavender” came from the Latin “Lavando” – part of the verb ‘to bathe’. That’s because ancient Romans used this plant to perfume their baths. Lavandula is its other calling.

Pure lavender oil is used in folk medicine since the ancient times. The herb is known as relaxing, anti-stress, antimicrobial and antifungal. The Lavandula is also used as a natural insect repellent, which can protect your skin from their irritating bites during the night.

The aroma of this herb and its antimicrobial properties made it a very popular organic soap ingredient. It will clear your skin pores thoroughly and make the pores less visible. The smell also has a positive psychological impact, which made it so popular during the ages.

Its sedative properties made the oil a great sleep promoter. When you don’t get enough sleep your skin will look tired, the circles around your eyes become visible and the skin is more prone to free radicals. When you drink lavender tea it will make you more relaxed, which is an excellent solution after a long and stressful day.

Lavender is best fitted for oily skin treatment and acne, because of its cleaning capabilities. The clogged pores, which often get skin inflammation, are cleared and the inflammation is gone: All thanks to Lavandula anti-inflammation properties.

How to use Lavender in skin care routine?

There are many lavender oil benefits which is beyond the scope of this website; but still you have to be careful. The pure Lavandula oil is very strong, so you should mix it with your regular moisturizer, or any other facial mask liquid ingredient: It should be diluted enough to be subtle to your skin byut still have an impact.

Before you use it on your face, just test the lavender oil on a hidden place of your skin. That way you will make sure that you won’t get any irritation. Sometimes we are allergic to common skincare preparations without knowing it!

In homemade facial masks, you should mix the lavender oil with other herbal mask ingredients or oily skin facials: Couple of drops for each recipe will leave its positive impact on your skin.

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