Homemade Itchy Skin Relief

If you seek for organic solutions for itchy skin relief, this might be your ultimate guide!

The homemade facial mask can be great for itchy skin relief. You can find most of the ingredients on your supermarket or natural products shop, so it is easier than ever to prepare organic skincare treatments at home.

For itchy skin and rash relief masks, you should use herbs like calendula, chamomile and aloe Vera.

The herbs above are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. This means, that if you have a sensitive skin with itchy feeling and skin redness, these ingredients can help you out.

These herbs are very common: You can use them not only in your mask recipe, but also for a good and relaxing cup of tea.

In homemade facial masks, you can use dry herbs, organic tea bags of the herbs (you can find in many stores chamomile tea) and even fresh herbs from your garden.

Make sure that you don’t have any allergy for any herb, by trying it out in a hidden place of your skin. You can be allergic to anything, even many years without knowing that fact.

Additionally, pay attention to use organic herbs, without any chemicals. Many times people just pesticide their plants and use them as food or tea, without knowing the risks.

How to apply this knowledge to your homemade facial masks?

If you use tea or dry herbs, then you should hold it in boiled water for an hour or two, so the water will be completely soaked with them. If you use fresh herbs you can grate them or put them in your juicer, and then add some cold water to the mask recipe.

If you have a dry itchy skin, you should add honey to your facial mask recipe. The honey gives moisture and relaxes the skin deeply. It is an ancient folk remedy for skin dryness and a beauty secret for many.

You can use the relaxing herbal masks with edible seaweed , which adds minerals and vitamins to your face, which might be missing. The seaweed recipes with the anti-inflammatory herbs not can relax your skin, but also reduce its signs of aging.

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