The Honey Mask: Proven Benefits and Recipes

If you wish to understand more about the benefits of honey mask and get some facial mask recipes, this page is just for you!

Honey is one of the first folk remedies that the civilization had ever known: It had been used as a cosmetic ingredient, oral medication for various illnesses and a wound healing remedy.

Many honey skincare traditional benefits have already proven: The wound healing is possible, because of honey antibacterial activity; which removes infections, has compounds that fasten the skin healing and provide a chemical barrier to prevent future bacterial hazards.

Some studies even show, that few honey specimen can heal deep wounds, when no antibacterial remedy is applicable.

The barrier strengthening function of the honey is also excellent for sensitive skin maintenance: This type of skin has usually very weak natural protection and needs a special care because of its fragile state.
Honey has also a good moisturizing effect on dry and wrinkled skin. That's why many organic skincare moisturizers in the market include honey or its extractions.

If you use a honey mask, you can also get the benefits of polyphenolic acids , especially the flavonoids. Those chemical units are anti-inflammatory antioxidants that prevent both skin irritation and the UV sunlight damages. This way your skin is less exposed to photo aging and its accumulative hazards like skin cancer.

Before using honey facial mask, keep few things in mind:

- You should use a high quality honey, which will provide you the best antioxidant effect: Pure honey without any chemical additives is the best.

- Quality of honey differs from one to another; depending on the kind, location and storage conditions. So are the mask effects - they differ but still can benefit your skin, if you use organic.

- In homemade facial masks, avoid using honey on hairy skin or skin with extended veins. 

- In any case, have yourself tested for any allergy; do that before using any organic skin care product or facial mask recipe. Plus if you have a skin condition – consult your dermatologist before using honey and its commercial products on your face.

- Combine honey with any other facial mask ingredient only according to your skin type.

Honey Mask for Dry Skin

Add 1 tablespoon of yogurt to 1 tablespoon of honey. Stir the ingredients; apply the mask for 20 minutes, then wash with warm water. Use up to twice a week.
Add 1 spoon of sunflower or other seed oil, if you have an extremely dry skin. This option adds you the vitamin e, which is excellent for dry skin treatment.
This mask is also excellent for anti aging treatment , because it helps to reduce the fine lines, strengthen the skin and make it more elastic.

Honey Mask for Acne

Mix 1/2 a spoon of Aloe Vera gel, Saint Johns wort herbal tea and honey. The Saint Johns wort herbal tea should be prepared with 1:1 proportions herbs to hot water. Let it to cool down completely.

Make sure that the mask is stable enough to be applied on your face. Wash thoroughly after 20 minutes.

For sensitive skin mix the honey with green tea instead of Saint Johns wort, because it has a very high exfoliating effect and it can irritate sensitive skin.

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