The Green Tea Skin Care

If you are interested in green tea skin care info, this place is just for you. Here you can find both folk and contemporary uses to green tea.

The Green Tea Benefits:

This herb has a high percentage of polyphenolic acids , which are a type of essential antioxidant that we must obtain through food consumption.
It works on both the dermis, which is the middle layer of our skin which contains sebaceous glands, and the epidermis - which is the upper layer of the skin that has the contact with the outside world.

Green tea decreases skin inflammation, prevents UV sunlight skin pigmentation - and hence reduces the risks of photo aging. In addition, green tea improves the collagen structure, which weakens during the years.

These activities make green tea into a good weapon in sensitive skin and anti aging skin treatment.

Not only the green tea has preventive activities; it also cures the UV damaged skin cells from within.

Green tea is prescribed as pills, contained in organic skincare products and also can be consumed in its natural herbal tea form.
Its benefits are cosmetically approved, so unless you have an allergy (which is extremely rare), you should consider adding this ingredient to your skincare diet or a skincare routine.

In homemade facial mask recipes, you can use the green tea in practically any type of skin: Especially while it benefits both the sensitive skin treatment and the ageing one.

This ingredient can benefit your skin also if it is dry; because it stabilizes you skin pH and improves its barrier function.

How to make the best green tea skin care facial mask?

The best water temperature for green tea is 50 degrees Celsius, that is – 122 degrees Fahrenheit. It is true both for drinking and a homemade facial mask usage. In any homemade facial mask recipe you should add 1 tablespoon of water to 1 tablespoon of green tea, so it will be more concentrated.

You can mix the green tea with any herbal mask according to your skin type. Plus, you can mix it with any fruit and vegetable masks of your choice.
In order this mask to be more effective use the skincare tips in this website. The right way of life will lead to better looking and healthier skin.

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