Ginseng Benefits for Organic Skincare

The ginseng benefits were known already in the ancient China: It was used as multipurpose remedy for illnesses, aging-related and digestion problems. It was also used as natural beauty treatment.

Now-days, the ginseng extracts are used widely in organic skincare creams and masks, pill supplements and many edible products. You can obtain the ginseng skincare benefits through both the skin care regime and food consumption, like drinking ginseng herbal tea.

The ginseng root and leaves contain antioxidants, essential oils, minerals, and antioxidant vitamins like vitamin C.
They affect the skin cell metabolism, within the epidermis , this way: Those nutrients exfoliate the dead skin cells, "encourage" to produce the new ones and improve their everyday maintenance.

The ginseng is used in anti aging skincare treatment because of its rejuvenating effects: It strengthens the skin, makes it stronger from within and benefits its barrier functions. Ginseng components also improve the collagen production inside the dermis (the middle layer of the skin), which benefits your skin's sustainability.

Why do we need to pay attention to collagen ? - Over the years the it becomes weaker and stiffer, and its turnover takes longer than in young skin. The ginseng contents improve the collagen metabolism, which establishes the skin’s elasticity and strength.

Another ginseng benefit, which should be mentioned: Many toners contain ginseng root extract, because it treats for UV sunspots and pigments on the skin. In other words, if you are interested in age spots removal, you should seek for this ingredient in organic skincare products.

How to make the ginseng homemade facial mask?

The grated root should be held in water for 10 hours or more. You can use boiled water but it will reduce the vitamin and mineral content of the root.
The ginseng essential oil should be diluted, because it is very concentrated. You can mix is with other essential oils like sunflower oil, with water and other facial mask ingredients.

The large variety of the ginseng benefits makes this plant appropriate for any skin problem treatment; whenever your skin is oily, dry, sensitive or ageing skin. If you use the ginseng facial mask on dry skin, while including recipes with seed oils and essential oils ingredient, use the mask up to twice a week at most.

The same thing applies to exfoliating masks; when you add the ginseng acidic and exfoliating ingredients like green apple and Saint Johns wort .

Important: Remember to test the mask ingredients on a hidden patch of your skin for 15 minutes; if you get any irritation or itching from its usage or not. This test is good for any skincare product that you want to purchase in your local store, even if the product you test is organic. Everyone reacts to skincare matter

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