The Essential Oil Guide

This essential oil guide will show you how to make great homemade facial masks, which will perfectly fit your skin type. The carrier oils will help you with that task perfectly.

What are the essential oils?

Essential oils are usually made from herbs – their leaves and roots especially. They have a very strong scent and can irritate your skin, if you apply them undiluted in your skin.

Examples of essential oils: Neroli oil, Eucalyptus, Tea tree oil, Lavender oil.

To make the essential oils more skin-caring, you should add to the mix a carrier oil; so the absorption will be perfect.

What are the carrier oils?

They are oils that “carry” the essential oil to better skin absorption. Olive oil, sunflower oil, flaxseed oil and other vegetable and nut oils are the carrier oils. Avocado and coconut oil are also considered as carrier oils.

These oils are friendlier to your skin and are very common in many facial creams, soaps and body lotions. You can add them to any skin type – add more to dry skin preparations and use less on oily skin and acne.

How to choose a carrier oil?

You can learn here how you should shop the perfect carrier oil for your skin. There are oils from various manufacturers that don’t produce the skin-friendly oils, and you better avoid them.

How to mix the essential oils?

You should add one drop of essential oils some carrier oil, lotion, other face mask ingredients to the dilution will be 2% at most. The less is the better – because essential oils are very strong and can make your skin easily irritable. Putting on a pure essential oil can also cause you contact dermatitis.

Many organic over-the-counter skin preparations have carrier oils, which are diluted but still have a huge impact on your skin.

Essential Oil Guide for Homemade Facial Masks

If you use an essential oil in your homemade mask, you should add to it a carrier oil to balance your skin. Adding non-oily facial mask ingredients like fruits and vegetables will also stabilize your skin pH.

Add those essential oils to treat the dry areas of your skin: Carrot seed, geranium essential oil and calendula. For this type of skin you better use more carrier oils like avocado and olive oil.

For anti aging masks use these recipes. Many youth-preserving face creams and masks already have these oils, so it’s worth trying them out.

The essential oils that can fit your anti aging regime: Moccocan argan oil, carrot seed, neroli essential oil, sage oil, lavender, rose hip oil, grapefruit essential oil and many more.

For acne you should use face masks with tea tree oil, German chamomile, lemongrass essential oil and neroli oil.

Antifungal homemade masks can be with oregano and tea tree oil – those oils are the best solution for that problem. Don’t forget to dilute these oils with other carrier oils and other mask ingredients!

As you have seen, one essential oil can fit several skin types: The important in the facial mask is which other ingredients you add up to the recipe, and how do you dilute the oil.

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