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What is the collagen and why is it so important to our skin? Many collagen skin care products claim to take care of its structure, so this subject is something that everyone of us should know about before buying any of them.

There are 21 types of collagen that has many roles and functions in our body.

In our skin we have type I and III of protein collagen, which responsible for skin's strength. Under a microscope the collagen group of molecules look like fibers, so during the skin aging it becomes less thick and more dense; its "fabric" is less elastic. That's how the skin becomes more stiff as the years go by.

How does the collagen is built?

We obtain amino acids ,especially lycine and proline, with the vitamin C through the food intake. Our body produces the collagen while synthesizing these "raw materials" in our digestion system.

When the body gets old over the years, due to the oxidation process of the skin cells the collagen produced is, as you have seen above, becoming less flexible in their construction and its fibers - much thinner.

How can we improve the skin collagen quality?

First, use the skin care tips on this page. These tips will help you to prevent the premature oxidation of your cells (along with maintaining your general health). In the nutrition - pay attention especially to foods like meat (which you should eat moderately), fish and sea products. They have plenty of amino acids.

Of course consulting a certified nutritionist is a good idea at this point to avoid an exaggerated eating. On top of that, eating fruits and vegetables with plenty of vitamin c will keep maintaining a stable collagen production.

Here you can find some anti aging homemade mask recipes. These masks can contribute to your skin's vitality and elasticity. The amino acid recipes also help nourishing dry skin which becomes this way because exessive use of conditioner or improper skin treatment.


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