The Black Seed Oil Skin Care Benefits

The black seed oil is an excellent age spot remover, antiaging skincare ingredient and acne remedy. Discover how to use it in a homemade facial mask!

The black seed, or Nigella Sativa, is a traditional remedy herb with many benefits to our health. It is also known as black cumin.

The Nigella Sativa oil has been used by Egyptians for skin beauty, skin ailments treatment and as many internal diseases cure.

Its many known benefits made this herb very popular thorough the history: Many books were written in such subject, and even now you can find many informational websites , which are dedicated only to this herb.

The herb is very spicy and is sometimes used in food preparations. When you will buy a genuine black cumin cream you will notice its strong smell.

How does the black seed oil can benefit your skin?

Nigella Sativa herb is known to contain around one hundred nutritional ingredients, including essential amino acids , omega-3, Vitamin A(retinoids), essential fatty acids and many more. This herb cures skin fungus, acne and strengthen the skin immunity.

The anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties make this herb an excellent folk medicine for many skin conditions. It is also an excellent anti aging skincare and a powerful moisturizer.

The black seed oil helps your skin to repair itself and protect it from water loss of the epidermis , which leads to a dry and wrinkled skin.

The vitamin A and the flavonoids, which this herb contains, also benefit your skin tone. If you want to fight and prevent age spots and freckles, this is your tool!

How to use the black cumin oil in a homemade facial mask?

As you know, every strong and effective remedy has rules, so those are you should keep in mind:

  • Avoid skin irritations. Test this oil on the back of your hand, right under your palm, for 15 minutes. If you see some redness or itching – don’t use this oil at all.

  • Apply this oil only in evening, right after dark. Like any other vitamin A skin care product, the black seed will make your skin more sensitiveto the sun rays than usual.

The Facial Mask Recipes:

For acne scar skin care.
Mix one tablespoon of honey with couple of drops of the black cumin oil. Apply on a clean face for 15 minutes. Rinse with clear cool water. Right after use a moisturizer for oily skin, to balance the skin pH.

For anti ageing skincare.
Add ½ a spoon of olive oil with the same amount of black cumin oil. Add an organic yogurt to the mix. Leave on your face for 20 minutes, then rinse.Use this mask twice a week.
The mask adds amino acids and essential fatty acids (like Omega 3) to your skin. It will make your face 

For age spot remover.
Mix a spoon of black cumin oil with 3 tablespoons of apple vinegar and the same amount of water.
Apply on your face with a clean cloth. Wash after 15 minutes. Be sure to test this homemade facial scrub before use, to avoid itchy skin or irritations. This scrub cleans your pores and can fade skin pigmentation like freckles or brown age spots.

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