Avocado Mask Info & Recipes

If you wish to know about the avocado mask benefits and to get some facial mask recipes - check this site out!

The avocado contains vitamin E , vitamin C (ascorbic acid), Pantothenic Acid (which moisturizes the skin and prevents its aging) and essential fatty acids that treat the dry skin thoroughly.

As you can see, avocado mask can benefit your skin in many ways, but keep few things in mind:

- Some of the people are allergic to avocado and other ingredients of the facial mask recipes below. In general - you should check your body for any skin allergies before applying any homemade mask, as you do with skin care products that you purchase in the store.

- For the best effect use organic fresh avocados; that way you'll get the most vitamins, minerals and natural acids out of the ingredient.

- Apply the mask recipes up to twice a week, so your skin ph balance won't be hurt (this applies too, to all the mask recipes and products).

- You can use the avocado alone for the facial, but if you want to add some extra vitamins - see the recipes below.

Simple Avocado Mask

Fresh avocado, grated
Apricot, thinly grated

How to use?
Mix the ingredients in even amounts, then apply on a clear skin while laying a bit down. Wait for 20 minutes. Rinse with a warm (not hot) and then with a cold water.

The avocado contains the vitamins as described above, but the apricot adds some vitamin A to the formula. This mask is an excellent choice for dry skin and for wrinkle prevention.

Avocado and Extra Amino Acids Mask


Avocado, grated (remember - fresh only!)
Yogurt, pure and organic (without sugars or other additives)
Banana, mashed slice

How to use:

Apply on a clean skin for 15 minutes, then wash gently.
If your skin is only slightly dry or has a combined type add more yogurt and less avocado to the mask, and use it on a dry area: this way you'll enjoy the perks of vitamin E vitamin C plus the amino acids , without making your skin too oily.

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