Anti Aging Skin Treatment Masks

Before starting the anti aging treatment masks, you should read first about the aging facts , to understand more about this interesting subject.

Lets look on the anti aging skin treatment from the different angles:

- The epidermis: It's the upper level of our skin. The most vulnerable is the skin moisture, color and texture.As we age the skin becomes more dry, with large pores and tired looks.

- The dermis: It is the middle level of our skin, where our collagen maintains its shape. The skin flexibility and firmness depends on it.

The Secret Ingredient: Amino Acids

The anti ageing amino acids build and maintain collagen cells in the epidermis, the lower level of our skin. The boost they give to our skin elasticity and firmness is unbelievable!

Where can we get the anti aging amino acids for the homemade mask?

Edible seaweeds and an organic yogurt can do the trick. You can't imagine how many anti aging serums contain seaweed extract, just to get the same anti aging effect.

The best homemade serum:

Soak the Nori seaweed at water, until it is soft enough. Add an oily ingredient like sunflower oil / olive oil/ neroli oil – just couple of drops. Erase after 15-20 minutes thoroughly. The effect is shown almost immediately!


Exfoliate you skin once-twice a week, to fasten the skin cells turnover. This natural action of our skin slows down with time, because of the toxins our body accumulates.

In homemade skin treatment, the best ingredients for exfoliation are lemon, orange peel, tomato, radish, rosemary and many more. – This is an example of fruits and veggies with high acidity, especially of salicylic and ursolic acids.

These nutrients clear up the pores, make them smaller and remove the dead skin cells. The process also reduces freckles and age spots from our skin.

Quick exfoliating mask for the evening:

Squeeze 1 organic orange peel. Be sure that it is clean beforehand. Apply on your skin for 10-15 minutes, then rinse. Moisturize your face immediately after this mask.

Your skin pores will appear smaller immediately and its color will appear more even. It will also fade age spots and freckles from your face.


Skin Care at Night:

A night nourishing mask should contain vitamin A + vitamin E. Our skin needs it during the evening, because that's when it starts to repair itself.

You can make an endless range of home made moisturizers: Remember that the ones that fight skin dryness can also fight the skin ageing.

Easy evening mask for SOS moisturizing:

Mix avocado and mango with equal amounts. Hold on your face for 15 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water.

If your skin is not very dry, add a bit of water to the mask mixture.

Skin Care at Day:

- A day moisturizer should contain vitamin C and other antioxidants, to protect our skin from free radicals, that fasten our skin ageing.

- Always apply a sunscreen when it's sunny!The harmful UVA and UVB sun rays are proven to fasten the visible ageing process or our skin!

Quick anti aging mask for day protection:

Mix yogurt, orange and ¼ spoon of sunflower oil. Erase it after 10 minutes. Apply a high SPF sunscreen right after the mask treatment.

This mask will nourish your skin, improve its firmness and color.

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