Anti Aging Nutrition

The anti aging nutrition guidelines for a better organic skincare.

To obtain the best anti aging effect from a homemade facial mask, it is good to understand the anti aging nutrition point of view: Poor nutrition will always bring poor skincare results, whereas a good nutrition can improve your skin significantly on a long run.

Anti Aging Skin Hydration

The skin hydration is an important issue, especially for the anti aging skin treatment. Dry skin is prone to UV damages and getting wrinkled more than the oily one.

The dry skin becomes such, because its cells fail to hold the water, which is essential for the living. Skin needs fatty acids, ceramides and cholesterol to keep itself hydrated.
The healthy fats above can be obtained through nuts and oils: flaxseed oil, olive oil, nut oils etc. Be sure not to heat the oil, because it loses its nutritional benefits.
Other sources of fatty acids are avocado, seaweed, seeds and many more.

To obtain the most in the homemade facial masks, use a facial mask with oil ingredient no more than twice a week.
Using oily mask on a daily basis might be tempting; but the bad news are that too much oil will damage the skin and make it look much older.

Anti Aging Amino Acids and Antioxidants

As you can see in the collagen skincare page, our skin needs to obtain the essential anti aging amino acids from food sources like meat, fish and sea products like seaweed.

Plus, if you will combine your diet with seaweed, vitamin C and vitamin E your skin will start looking better in no-time. The vitamin C with the essential amino acids is proven to benefit the collagen structure inside the skin dermis - which will make your skin more elastic and firm. The antioxidant vitamin E and C altogether, improve the skin barrier, maintain its hydration and protect it against the UV sunlight damages.
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What about the Other Acids?

The AHAs (alpha-hydroxy-acids) that are included in many fresh fruits and vegetables benefit our skin both in epidermis and the dermis (i.e. the upper and the middle level of our skin). This is because our kin needs exfoliating, from time to time. It means that the dead skin cells need to be disposed of, and the alpha hydroxy acids can make you do that.

Other essential acids that the fresh fruits and vegetables include - the salicylic acid and the ursolic acid.

Both of the acids benefit the skin's exfoliation and protect it against photoaging, i.e. premature aging due to sun exposure, and reduce the age spots.
The salicylic acid is found in herbs like Saint Johns wort , tomatoes and berries.
The ursolic acid is found in herbs like yarrow, lavender and parsley.
Many acidic fruits and vegetables contain all the acids above, in different quantities.

In homemade facial masks, as in other commercial skincare products, be sure not to over-exfoliate the skin. Using the masks with the acids above once or twice a week should be enough.

In the anti aging nutrition point of view - you can eat as many vegetables as possible, but only up to 2 cups of fruits,because of the high sugar content of the later.

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