Anti Aging Amino Acids

What are the anti aging amino acids, and how to obtain them through homemade facial mask?

We hear all the time about amino acids organic skincare moisturizers and serums, but can we make a homemade mask with the same ingredients?
Amino acids are particles, which exist in many food sources.
The ones that we can use in the homemade mask recipe are included in the seaweed (the edible kind), the egg yolk and in yogurt.

The anti aging amino acid masks benefit both the dermis and the skin epidermis, nourishing it from within and give it more elasticity. The main benefit of amino acids is collagen maintenance, which becomes more stiff and weak, as we age.

Before using any facial mask, remember to test the ingredients first on a hidden patch of your skin, to see if you don’t have any itching or irritation.

Amino acid mask with honey

Mask ingredients:

Seaweed (you can use nori or any other kind)
Licorice root herb, 1 spoon

The how-to:

Soak the licorice root herb in a boiled water for an hour, then mix it with honey and the seaweed (Nori seaweed is recommended). The ingredients should be enough to cover your face. Apply the mask for 15 minutes, and then rinse with a lukewarm water.

The mask benefits:

First of all, the honey has a moisturizing effect, which softens the epidermis, i.e. the upper level of your skin.

The seaweed has plenty of minerals like zinc, vitamins like vitamin A and a very high level amino acids, that penetrate your skin and help maintaining the structure of collagen. These facts make the seaweed a must-have homemade mask ingredient; it rejuvenates your skin and makes it vibrant and elastic.

Licorice has a high level of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), flavonoids and minerals. It can relief skin redness and itching, and can be used as an age spot remover.

Amino acid mask with egg yolk

This mask suitable for dry skin


Egg yolk
Orange juice, organic
Green tea

How to use:

Soak the chamomile and the green tea in boiled water, and then after the mixture is cold- add the egg yolk. Add 1 spoon of the orange juice, and then stir.

This mask is very oily, so if your skin is not that dry, add less of the egg ingredient. Apply the facial mask on your skin for 15 minutes, then wash.

What are the benefits of this mask?

First, the egg yolk contains many vitamins and minerals, including the vitamin e that is so crucial for a dry skin treatment. It includes a very large percentage of amino acids and minerals. That way this ingredient has a very strong effect on your skin.

The orange contains vitamin C, which is crucial for any skin treatment. Be sure to use organic orange, to avoid harmful chemicals.

Green tea and chamomile have a high percentage of flavonoids and many other antioxidants and minerals, that nourish your skin epidermis. Their chemical composition treat your skin from UV sunlight damages and premature aging.

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