Amino Acids in Skin Care

The best anti-aging skin care products contain essential amino acids, that improves the skin substantially: But what are amino acids? Can we get them from natural sources?

Amino acids are chemical units that have several functions.The one which is important to skin care - is to build blocks of proteins.

These acids are divided into two groups: essential and non-essential. The first group is called that way, because the body doesn't produce them and we must obtain those acids from our food sources and supplements.

The most common protein in the skin is collagen, which is so important to maintain in the anti aging sphere.

These are the names of the essential a. acids: Isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, valine, histidine. They are crucial to the skin care and each one of them plays a special role.

Isoleucine together with Leucine and Valine heal damaged skin tissues.

Lycine is an anti aging acid, which builds and maintains the collagen in our body.

Methionine is not only a protein builder but also an active antioxidant, , which means that he reverses UV sunlight damages in your skin, nourishes it and protects the skin from future environmental hazards.

Threonine, like lycine, maintains the protein structure of the collagen and elastine - the protein inside the connecting tissue of the skin, which gives you elasticity.

Where can you find these acids for your homemade masks?

Lycine you can find in parsley and avocado in high dosages, isuleucine in seaweed (spirulina), methionine- in milk and sweet peppers. The seaweed, parsley, red pepper and milk have the most a. acids in their content.

The best ingredient of all above, which contains the full range of these acids is the seaweed.

To obtain the best effect in your homemade facial mask:

Use the vitamin C facial masks and include this antioxidant in your nutrition. That's because this vitamin helps the amino to build a better-structured collagen in your skin dermis.

The vitamin E is also proven to help the anti aging effect in the skin's collagen, if combined with vitamin C.

The seaweed, as noted above, is an excellent ingredient to any type of skin care, especially in the anti aging mask.

Where can you find the amino acids in the foods for a better nutrition?

There is a high quantity of a.acids in fish and dairy products: Just remember to consult your nutritionist to maintain a healthy and balanced protein intake through your daily diet. Eating too much of these might damage your skin instead of improving it.

Vegetables like broccoli and parsley has a high percentage of these acids. The bigger range of organic vegetables you include in your diet - the better your skin will look in the longer term!

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