Alpha Hydroxy Acids in Skin Care

The Alpha Hydroxy Acids (the "AHA"s) is a name of a group, which is found in the nature – inside the fruits and the vegetables. The acids in this group are: Lactic, glycolic, citric and tartaric.

The skin care benefits of the AHAs:

The Alpha Hydroxy acids take care of exfoliation (dead skin removal), which gives it much more softness, smoothness and radiance.

Not only these acids renew the skin cells; they also reduce fine wrinkles, remove the age spots and freckles, and treat acne.

The skin exfoliation, i.e. the dead cells removal from your face, is essential to its good-looking. Over the years our skin turnover becomes much slower, which damages it's good looks and radiance. The AHAs fasten that process and leave your skin "renewed".

You can obtain the AHAs into your skin by food consumption or by applying skin products that contain them. Many skin peals and facial soaps contain these products, and organic diet will complete the excellent skincare formula, that you can archive at home.

If you choose the homemade mask solution, include these fruits in you facial masks to obtain the acids above: Apples, strawberries, blueberries and many more organic fruits and vegetables.

The organic ingredients add more effect: They usuallly have more vitamins, AHAs, amino acids and no harmful chemicals.

You should be careful with such acids: If you use too much of the AHAs on your skin, it may cause redness or a small irritation of you skin. At this case you should reduce the amounts of these acids (in the homemade masks – add less of the acidic fruits).

In most of the cases, the Alpha Hydroxy Acids do no harm, because they are seldom appear in high percentages in the skin products and have only a small concentration of them in herbs, vegetables or fruits.

At any case, consult your dermatologist whenever it's right for YOU to include these acids in your organic skincare regime.

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