Acne Scar Home Remedy

This page will help you prepare an acne scar home remedy - all by yourself!

Acne has a very disturbing result: It leaves ugly scars on the face, which can be seen for years even after the problem resolved.

As years go by, our face can accumulate scars not only from acne but from minor wounds. Even after putting on a heavy makeup, these scars can be seen.

What should we do, then? Natural approach should be considered first: The laser scar removal is expensive and doesn't fit anybody and can cause you unpleasant side effects. The safety rule of thumb with natural skin remedies is, if after 15 minutes it doesn't give you a rash - it is free to use.

Homemade Organic skin treatment can help you solving the problem, while also boosting up the health of your skin inside out.

Here you can see just a few of the natural possibilities available:

Aloe Vera

The aloe vera organic gel is very popular. You can find it in many over the counter products because of its safety and effectiveness. If you have a plant in your home, you can even use it freely: just put a slice in your refrigerator – you can use it after several weeks. The effect will be even stronger than using the fresh option. If you have a juicer you can also squeeze the inside of the plant and get a homemade remedy for any occasion.

This plant can treat you for minor burns, acne scars, inflammation and bug bites.


This herb has been used since the ancient Egypt. The Greeks and the Romans also used it not only for wound healing but also for many health conditions. It is a common plant which can be easily grown in your garden. Alternatively, you can buy one in your local supermarket.

The sage carries a soothing and healing effect. It can be used against itchy skin, scars and superficial wounds. For a homemade recipe hold the herb in warm water for one hour and then soak a piece of cloth in the liquid. Apply on your skin generously.

You can also use an essential sage oil for this acne scar home remedy: Add 1/4 of a spoon, of this oil, with equal amounts of grape seed oil. You can also dilute It with some water. Apply on your face for an hour, then rinse gently. If you have no skin sensitivities you can apply directly on your scar zone for a night, just before going to bed.

Castor Oil

Original cold-pressed castor oil is excellent for stretch marks, skin inflammation, excessive dryness and skin flaking.

How to use castor oil at home: Dilute around half a spoon with another carrier oil or with some water, then apply on your scar zone for a night. Use it only after dark, because this oil causes the skin photo sensitivity: The skin becomes weaker to the sun rays, because of its retin A content.

This ingredient can be also used as a scar serum, with the moisturizing and anti ageing effect on your skin.

Other natural ways to treat scars

Many other herbs, listed at this website, have scar healing properties. You should choose herbs that you have no sensitivity to, if you choose to use a homemade skin treatment.

You can use organic oils for a stronger effect, if you have got a good organic health shop nearby. Neroli and Lavender oils are excellent example for homemade scar treatments.

For more exotic treatment, you should try on Moroccan Argan oil, which has both strong healing effect and aroma.

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